The Love in Pie

Hah, another blog…within the same week?! Yup…because I feel inspired this late night, and because I am waiting up for a couple of pies to bake. So here is the story…

It has been a long summer as I wrote in the last blog, and after a couple days of rest I felt ready to “get up and at it” again. After getting some things done these past couple days I have started to feel like I am ready to crawl in a hole  again, because I am not ready to get back into the world just yet. So tonight I decided to make an apple pie, because baking and sharing things with people I love brings joy and life and energy to my life.

Tonight at, oh, around ten, after everyone was out of the house and after I texted my mom a few times for recipes and moral support (bless my sweet, sweet mother who is only a text away), I started making my pie. I get a couple minutes into it and I started thinking, “Oh my gosh. This is the first time I have ever made pie by myself. What on earth am I doing?! What did I get myself into?!”

You see, every other time my mom has made the crust and the filling and just lets me help make the top look prettier. Mostly she just lets me make little pies out of the extra crust…hah, yup, even now as an adult I find so much joy in my mother letting me use the extra crust to make baby pies. So, I realized my pie making experience, in all reality, was nonexistent. I think every girl, after she has moved out of her parents house and starts making family recipes, has these moments of realization and learning, even so, all that was going through my head was, “Why on earth did I get myself into this?”

Here is why… It started back on July 4th when I was celebrating Independence Day with my Honduran friends. (Important side note: In JPC right now I work with a bunch of volunteers and staff members but three that I work with consistently…they are who this story is about) They asked me days in advance what some of my traditions were for the holiday and what I usually ate on that day. So I told them the only thing that I always remember about The 4th of July is pie…usually of the raspberry variety.  At my house a raspberry pie is pretty special but we usually get one once a year around The 4th. Because it was that time of year I was starting to crave raspberry pie.

The day of The 4th my friends/coworkers  celebrated with me, we decorated, had pizza (at my request), and went to a movie. Though, it was still a work day for Honduras so we were still in the office working for most of the day. Two of my friends were out running errands for a few hours in the middle of the day and I started thinking, “Man, they have been gone a while.”fourthofjulybrenda

Not long after that thought,  they arrive with two pastries in hand.  A piece of chocolate cake and then another made of lemon (I think). Then they wished me a Happy Independence Day and explained that they had been out looking for raspberry pie the entire time and came up short handed.  For me I, I am happy with any kind of dessert, especially chocolate desserts, and I wasn’t expecting to receive anything…especially a raspberry pie.  But I was humbled to know that my friends were out searching far and wide for a special dessert for me. I realized how blessed I was to be working so closely with three people who live their lives striving to love as Christ has loved. Sacrificing their time and energy to show love to a friend is something Jesus would do…is something Jesus did!

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.

-1 John 3:16

But I also realized that day that a couple of my friends hadn’t really had a real apple pie. I thought that is a classic in United States culture and something that my friends should experience. I decided that day when I had the time, I was going to make them a homemade apple pie. So that is what I did tonight. When they try it tomorrow I don’t know if they will like it, but I pray they feel the love I felt that day they spent searching the city for a pie for me.

I have no idea how long our team of four will be working together like this, many more years or only a few short months, whatever the case I am grateful for the time God has granted us, and I look forward to watching God continue to be glorified through their lives.


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